Residential Japanese Knotweed Can Reduce
The Value of Your Home.

japanese knotweed on or near your property CAN BE A BIG PROBLEM

There is still the fear factor where Japanese Knotweed is concerned. Rightly or wrongly Japanese Knotweed impacts the value of your home.  Lower valuations, uncertainty with mortgages and lenders have led to mistrust with purchasers. Reduced purchaser confidence means, fewer buyers, less competitive bidding.  Let KleerKut remove your Japanese Knotweed problem.  Have the solution in place so it isn’t a problem.

New RICS Professional Standard for Japanese Knotweed

See more below for details of the exciting changes for your property surveyor.  No more 7 metre rule!  Now a practical risk based approach to establish how Japanese Knotweed impacts a property.  What repair classification is your knotweed?

How to Remove or Manage your japanese knotweed

See more below.  Using herbicides, membrane, removal consider all your options.

we can help you take back control

What do you do if you suspect Japanese Knotweed is present?

Firstly ensure that it is Japanese Knotweed, KleerKut offer a free identification service.

Then arrange a survey. Use a company which is accredited with a recognised Trade Association, such as the Property Care Association.  Also ensure that the company you use is an experienced specialist who carries an appropriate level of Professional Indemnity insurance (which is not the same as public liability insurance).  PI insurance covers the professional opinion of the surveyor.

Then discuss your needs with the specialist to find a solution that works for you and your lender or purchaser.


In the majority of scenarios, Japanese Knotweed can be managed successfully with the use of herbicide.  By applying herbicide at the right time of year and at the correct stage of foliage development even well established infestations can be successfully controlled.

In general, herbicides can be used in gardens safely.  On occasions where spraying is not suitable, alternative methods such as weed wipes or stem injection can be employed to safeguard children and pets.

Sometimes it is easier to remove the Japanese Knotweed infestation, in whole or part.  When combined with the use of suitable root barrier membrane this can quickly resolve your problem.

It is very important to use an accredited industry specialist such as KleerKut.  Inexperienced contractors can cause Japanese Knotweed to become dormant and new growth will continue to emerge year after year.

We are Scotlands leading Japanese Knotweed Specialist! We have been market leaders for nearly 20 years.  We have watched other companies appear and disappear.  For long term management you need a company you can trust.

The NEW Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Guidelines

The New RICS Professional Standard in relation to the evaluation of Japanese Knotweed impact on a property came into effect in March 2022.

The difference from the previous guidance note is that rather than using a distance-based appraisal of risk (the infamous 7 metres), it has implemented a new classification process to be followed.  This is a risk-based process which is undertaken by the RIC Surveyor (not the JK specialist).  The job for the JK specialist is to provide the data via the survey for the surveyor to appraise the risk.

The outcome of this is a more practical approach of considering distance, amenity use etc which means that far fewer properties are classified as High-Risk Action Required, than was previously the case using the 7 metre rule.

RICS do still require Japanese Knotweed to be managed when classed as a Category A – Action Required and this still requires a specialist accredited contractor to be used.  Category B & C classifications should also be managed in order to manage the lower level of risk that it presents.

KleerKut are experienced Japanese Knotweed Specialists who were involved in this RICS consultation process.  KleerKut can help satisfy the requirements of lenders and ensure that affected properties can be mortgaged.

KleerKut offer 10 year guarantees as standard. Insurance backed guarantees are also available if required by the lender.

Use an Accredited Specialist

Property Care Association (PCA) – The Property Care Association are a recognised trade association who are setting the standards in the invasive weeds industry. The PCA carry out rigorous vetting which allows them to offer Trustmark accreditation to all members – KleerKut are accredited members of the Property Care Association.

TrustMark – Trustmark is a scheme supported by the Government, consumer groups and the building industry to enable members of the public to find reputable firms to employ. The PCA are one of the founder scheme operators; setting high standards of service and quality for their members which allow them in turn to extend the offer of Trustmark accreditation.


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