News Japanese Knotweed Removal in the UK

  • 18/07/2018
  • 3 MIN READ

Japanese Knotweed Removal in the UK

Japanese Knotweed is a seriously invasive weed, making it highly difficult to control and eradicate weed growth. To manage and control this form of plantation, it takes specialist knowledge, experienced methods and equipment.

Japenese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed has been illegal to grow since the [Scottish Wildlife Act 1981]. Even if your not growing it, it is considered a criminal offence to cause the growth of it. This could be something you have done, unknowingly and not intentionally, that has caused its rapid growth. So, it’s always best to get our expert opinion and professional analysis in person to deal with the problem sooner rather than later, as it can spread quickly and at an alarming rate.

japanese knotweed

The Damage It Can Cause

It can grow through concrete, brick, block drains, waterways, it can also damage electrical piping and insulation – causing untold levels of damage to homes and properties throughout the UK.
The level of damage in which Japanese Knotweed can do is only a reality once the damage is done. We have experienced many cases where a customer has left it to the stage that their home is damaged from this plant growth and the costs of the damage are starting to mount up before even calling us. Although we can still deal with the problem and eradicate it at this stage, the damage is already done and we can’t turn back time on the damage this tenacious weed has already done to your property.

damage it can cause

Quickly Identify the Issue

However if you call us sooner than later, we can identify, control and wipe out this ferocious plant vegetation before it gets a chance to do serious damage. In turn saving you money, time and we remove the stress it can cause by dealing with this for you. To give you an idea of how long this weed can grown unseen before growing above the earth, there have been cases of Japanese Knotweed growing up to 3 meters below the surface. Here at KleerKut our Japanese Knotweed removal experts will identify what type of knotweed you have, analyse what damage has been done – or is likely to take place should it go untreated and unmanaged – then carry out a full removal and eradication of the dreaded Japanese Knotweed.

Contact the Specialists

When it comes to this type of weed, it’s always worth having us deal with it for you. We are fully certified and qualified in Japanese Knotweed Removal and Control throughout the UK. Due to this particular weed being illegal to grow, or cause the spread of – when it comes to the law – your properties safety and value is worth its weight in gold. You can prove you have received expert advice and analysis from us, which covers you legally, as we are called upon by various councils, government bodies and property developers to do this very thing – providing our detail and expert opinion and carrying out all measures necessary to manage and eradicate the problem.

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