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  • 18/07/2018
  • 3 MIN READ

Invasive Weed Removal Specialists

Who We Are

When it comes to invasive weed removal specialists you can rely upon and trust, there is no better choice than our experts here at KleerKut. With a proven track record throughout the UK, our experience and knowledge in all matters of plant weeding and the removal of the dreaded Japanese Knotweed is second to none.

What We Do

We are called upon on a daily basis to analyse, eradicate and wipe out such weed infestations and vegetation throughout various properties, gardens and land. We are approved and recognised consultants and contractors for various property and land developers, contractors and councils throughout the entire UK. We are the main point of contact for all weed and dangerous plant vegetation. We provide an expert analysis of the plant growth in question as well as identifying it, determining how far it has spread so that you are fully aware of what you are dealing with.

invasive weed removal specialists

Qualified Weed Removal Specialists

We also provide our professional removal services by our fully trained qualified and certified professional experts and technicians. Working with the leading experts in such plant and vegetation gives you absolute piece of mind, ensuring it’s completely removed and killed off, saving you vast sums of money on property damage should such matters be ignored and neglected.

Proud to be a Part of the PCA

proud member of the PCA
We are part of the PCA ( Property Care Association ) with over 35 years of experience and through the use of developing our own unique range of tried and proven techniques, we are the only choice when it comes to dealing with such matters.

Dangers of DIY Weed Removals

The consequences in choosing to carry out and perform your own DIY weed removal can be very costly and dangerous. Not only can you make an outbreak of weeds spread, but many of the common weeds found on your property and surrounding areas can, and will, end up costing you greatly – not only with damage to your other flowers, plants and grass but also damage to your property, building structure and integrity. This can lead to lots of expensive building and maintenance costs.

Get in Touch with the Experts

When it comes to some of these aggressive wild plantations, trying to save a few pounds now can and will only lead to greater costs further down the line with weeds and roots growing at an alarming rate under the grounds surface and hidden, continuing to grow and cause damage unseen, until it’s too late and the damage is irreversible. If you do not know fully what you are doing, some weeds can be poisonous to the human skin and eyes and it should only be approached and attempted by experts.

At KleerKut, we’re here to advise, help and oversee all guaranteed eradication of all forms of weeding including:

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