Japanese Knotweed Impact on Property Being Risk-Assessed

The New RICS Professional Standard providing guidance notes to assess Japanese Knotweed impact on a property came into effect in March 2022.

The difference from the previous guidance note is that rather than using a distance-based appraisal of risk (the infamous 7 metres), it has implemented a new classification process to be followed.  This is a risk-based process which is undertaken by the RIC Surveyor (not the JK specialist).  The job for the JK specialist is to provide the data via the survey for the surveyor to appraise the risk accurately.

The outcome of this is a more practical approach of considering distance, amenity use etc which means that far fewer properties are classified as High-Risk Action Required, than was previously the case using the 7 metre rule.

RICS do still require Japanese Knotweed to be managed when classed as a Category A & B- Action Required and this still requires a specialist accredited contractor to be used.  Category C classifications should also be managed in order to manage the lower level of risk that it presents.

KleerKut are experienced Japanese Knotweed Specialists who were involved in this RICS consultation process.  KleerKut can help satisfy the requirements of lenders and ensure that affected properties can be mortgaged.

KleerKut offer 10 year guarantees as standard. Insurance backed guarantees are also available if required by the lender.


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What is the Purpose of the New Standard?

This professional standard replaces the RICS information paper Japanese Knotweed and residential property, 2012. It reflects an improved understanding of Japanese knotweed.  Its primary objective is to assist RICS members who encounter Japanese Knotweed while undertaking valuations or surveys of residential property in the UK.  It is intended to help residential practitioners make a preliminary assessment and to provide appropriate initial advice to their clients, whether inspecting for mortgage lending or pre-purchase purposes.

In order to assess the risk there is a need for a Japanese Knotweed to be carried out by a suitably qualified specialist.  The Information in the document is then Risk-Assessed by the Surveyor.


Assessment Framework

If present Japanese Knotweed will fall into 4 Categories, 3 on-site and 1 off-site.

Management Categories A & B: Require Action due to significant impact. Seek advice from a remediation specialist. Recommend mortgage retention pending specialist report.

Management Category C: Requires No Action due to low impact. Recommend management but no mortgage retention required.

Management Category D: off-site neighbouring within 3m.  Low impact. No mortgage retention required.

Book A Japanese Knotweed Survey Today

If you suspect Japanese Knotweed or if you are not sure then book a Survey today.  Have the property surveyed by the most experienced Invasive Weeds Specialist company in Scotland. Low cost comprehensive surveys and recommendations. Allows for accurate risk assessment in accordance with New RICS guidance.

Book a Survey  info@kleerkut.co.uk or call on 0141 319 8210

Use an Experienced Japanese Knotweed Specialist

Successful eradication of Japanese Knotweed requires experience and specialist knowledge. KleerKut has been dealing solely with Japanese Knotweed and other invasive species since 2006.


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