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Invasive Weed Removals for Rail Services

For network rail services and the maintenance teams behind them, the removal of weeds can be an uphill struggle, and in extreme cases can even lead to the disruption of lines and the disrepair of certain parts of the system; all of which need to be up to standard for the efficient, practical and safe running of a rail service.

invasive weed removal services for rail services

The Issue With Invasive Weeds

Specifically, weeds can cause significant issues with tracks on the ground and require constant management and maintenance if they aren’t treated in the most effective and controlled way. With the prevalence of destructive and invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed, the need for this maintenance increases over time.

So how can you keep your rails weed-free and safe for travel? A professional weed removal team can provide you with the help you need.

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Provide the Maintenance Your Rail System Needs

For just about any industry, turning to the professionals is the best way to get the job done; and weed removal is no exception. By working with qualified, trained teams who are equipped to remove and prevent weeds as quickly as possible, your maintenance processes can soon become far faster.

For straightforward removal and prevention of weeds, using the experts ensures the job is done right first time; no need for repeat performances or extra costs. KleerKut can provide the free identification needed to target problem weeds and invasive species with specialist care, saving precious time when it comes to the removal of disruptive or damaging plants on and around rail lines.

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Maintain High Levels of Safety on the Rails

Fast-growing weeds like Japanese Knotweed can very quickly have a serious impact on the safety of a rail system if left unchecked, and in some cases can require emergency care and even the complete shutdown of lines to remove particularly bad patches. KleerKut has the capacity to offer an emergency response to these situations, removing weeds with minimal disturbance as quickly as possible.

For optimal safety during the removal of weeds, KleerKut’s staff are highly qualified and certified for the use of pesticides and chemical treatments, allowing treatment on the rail system that is safe, controlled and successful over time. These qualifications ensure our commitment to protecting the surrounding ecology, while concentrated treatments ensure that safety is maintained for wildlife, rail staff, and travellers.

Utilise The Experts

For many rail systems, there are many miles of maintenance to cover, for which you require competent staff. By choosing to outsource your weed management to a professional service, you can ensure your staff have more time and access to complete the other parts of their roles without distraction.

With certain invasive species like Japanese Knotweed, a long-term management plan is required to ensure the continued removal and reduction of spreading. By working with a certified team like KleerKut, who are on hand to perform the intensive tasks required for weed management, your staff can continue to perform the maintenance jobs within their remit.

If you’re considering how best to handle weeds on your rail line, a professional weed removal service like KleerKut can help make your job that bit easier.

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