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Removals to the Public Sector

Invasive Weed Removals for the Public Sector

From highway services to housing associations, every space where weeds can access, they grow. With the increase in invasive species and fast-growing versions of existing plants, it can be a struggle to keep up with providing a safe, weed-free outdoor space whatever kind of public sector work you perform.

specialist invasive weed removals for the public sector

Outsource for Efficient Management

If you’re looking for the ideal way to reduce weeds, keep outdoor space looking better and ensure that structural damage or other harm caused by weeds is reduced as quickly and effectively as possible, outsourcing the management of plants and the removal of invasive species to the professionals might be the right fit for you.

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Choose a Practical & Effective Way to Minimise Weeds

Often, public sector organisations choose to use internal staff or maintenance teams to provide weed removal services alongside other forms of work, but when it comes to the most hardy and difficult to remove weeds, such as Japanese Knotweed, you’ll soon find that your efforts are nullified with rapid regrowth and often even more spreading, if not done correctly.

Choosing to bring in the experts when it comes to weed removal is one of the ways you can ensure that the removal of weeds is done the first time correctly, reducing the workforce and cost associated with maintenance of outdoor and green spaces. Not only do we know the best way to remove weeds, we know how to keep them away too, offering you results that last.

Our Invasive Weed Removal Services


Offer A Free Identification Assessment

Identification of Japanese Knotweed can be difficult.

By simply emailing or texting several photographs KleerKut can give you peace of mind.

Ask for our Free Identification Card or Free Seminar or call on 0141 319 8210

Provide Rapid Response

When it comes to the management of something like weeds, it can often seem like the concept of rapid response isn’t necessary. But in fact, with the rate in which invasive plants can grow and in locations that are less highly monitored, what starts out as simple overgrowth can soon become a severe problem, which can affect and impede the ability to use spaces safely.

Bringing in professionals who are capable of performing fast assessments of a weed problem and provide an effective, quick solution can offer you a fantastic tool when it comes to preventing services shutting down for maintenance and ensuring that green spaces or event tenant’s gardens are safe for those who use them.

Maintain, Rather Than React

It can be tempting only to pay attention to weeds such as Japanese Knotweed when they actually become a problem – but in fact, letting invasive plants get to this point can result in a far higher cost and far more intensive removal processes. By working with an expert company who can help maintain your spaces weed-free, you can ensure these problems are completely off your radar.

From multiple sprays during the growing season to the ongoing monitoring of weed levels, utilising professional help offers you the information and knowledge you need to prevent problems before they even happen.

Do you work in the public sector and are struggling with weed growth? At KleerKut, we can help make your problems a thing of the past. Contact us today to find out more about our weed removal and maintenance services.

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