Estate Agents Japanese Knotweed Is
Affecting Your Property Sales

If a property you are selling has Japanese Knotweed identified, you need to protect your sale.

At a time when there are fewer house sales completing the last thing needed is another complication. Due to concern about the risk of property damage by Japanese Knotweed insurers will not cover damage by Japanese Knotweed and some lenders have had to review their policies resulting in loans being declined.
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Firstly, Ensure that the Plant Identified is Actually Japanese Knotweed

KleerKut have been involved in a number of property sales where a plant has been incorrectly identified as Japanese Knotweed when it is not. These mis-identifications result in delays concluding / unnecessary costs and stress to the seller and can even result in a lost sale.

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Why is Japanese Knotweed being Incorrectly Identified?

Simply because the increased concern about Japanese Knotweed has resulted in people carrying out identifications who have little or no experience in this area of expertise. For the inexperienced Japanese Knotweed can be difficult to identify, particularly in the winter months when the plant has died back and only dead stalk or a crown remains.

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Japanese Knotweed Confirmed on the Property?

Once Japanese Knotweed has been confirmed following the recommendations set out in the recent Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) paper on Japanese Knotweed will ensure that you achieve the criteria required by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) and the Building Societies Association (BSA).

RICS having identified the need to provide guidance to both valuers and mortgage lenders when considering the effect Japanese Knotweed has on a property have recently released the following recommendations:

  • The need to use an experienced Japanese Knotweed Specialist
  • Long term insitu herbicide treatments are the favoured solution
  • Minimum 5 year guarantees

Contact KleerKut to obtain advice or a quotation from an experienced Japanese Knotweed Specialist

Property Care Association (PCA)

The Property Care Association are a recognised trade association who are setting the standards in the invasive weeds industry. The PCA carry out rigorous vetting which allows them to offer Trustmark accreditation to all members


Trustmark is a scheme supported by the Government, consumer groups and the building industry to enable members of the public to find reputable firms to employ. The PCA are one of the founder scheme operators; setting high standards of service and quality for their members which allow them in turn to extend the offer of Trustmark accreditation.

KleerKut offer 5 year guarantees as standard, which can be extended if required. Insurance backed guarantees are also available if required by the lender.

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